Teaching Assistant for ECE 3561

Undergraduate course, the Ohio State University, 2021

Served as TA from FA21 to SP23. Design and analysis of sequential circuits; digital circuit design using building blocks, programmable logic devices; design of basic computer components such as arithmetic logic units.

Prior Course Number: 561, 667 Transcript Abbreviation: Adv Digital Dsgn Grading Plan: Letter Grade Course Deliveries: Classroom Course Levels: Undergrad Student Ranks: Junior, Senior Course Offerings: Autumn, Spring Flex Scheduled Course: Never Course Frequency: Every Year Course Length: 14 Week Credits: 3.0 Repeatable: No Time Distribution: 3.0 hr Lec Expected out-of-class hours per week: 6.0 Graded Component: Lecture Credit by Examination: No Admission Condition: No Off Campus: Never Campus Locations: Columbus Prerequisites and Co-requisites: Prereq: 2000, 2060, 2061, 2010, 2000.02, 290, 294 (Autumn 2010) or 206 and 261. Prereq or concur: 3020 (323), and enrollment in ECE, EngPhys, or CSE majors; or prereq or concur 2010 and permission of department.